Being in love can change us completely. We want to be there for our partners and do anything to make them happy. But what happens when the other person is not on the same page and takes you for granted?

This emotional whirlwind could lead to messy situations. So if you are feeling unappreciated, here is a list of songs that describe that feeling perfectly:

Heartbroken by Aaliyah

If you are in the mood for some 90s R&B that doesn’t sound outdated, look no further than Aaliyah. Heartbroken is a deep cut from her 1996 album One In A Million, and it tells a story of a breakup. The lyrics suggest she was taken for granted in that relationship. This song was uploaded to Aaliyah’s official YouTube channel in September 2021, and it currently has a bit over 100k streams on that platform.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More Touch Me by Fall Out Boy

If you have seen John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles, you probably know that the plot revolves around a girl in love with the wrong boy while her best friend is pining over her. Fall Out Boy drew the inspiration from the flick and made a song about a guy who didn’t pay attention to his now ex-girlfriend. The video currently has more than 14 million views on YouTube.

Damage by H.E.R.

With almost 88 million views on YouTube, Damage was an absolute smash hit in 2020. It was the second single from her debut album Back of My Mind, and the song did well on the charts. On this track, H.E.R. speaks directly to her lover, asking them to treat her nicely and not take her for granted because she has been in that situation before and knows how it ends.

Without Me by Halsey

Halsey is undoubtedly one of the most exciting artists in the world of pop music at the moment. Released in 2017, Without Me was her first chart-topping single as a solo performer. Considering that she wrote this song right after the breakup with G-Easy, it is safe to assume that Without Me is about him. Even Halsey partially confirmed this information in an interview. Without Me is a song about refusing to be treated badly. The video has 589 million views on YouTube.

Selfish by Madison Beer

Madison Beer started her career by posting song covers on YouTube and has grown into a real pop star. Selfish was the second single from her debut album Life Support. It is a song about being in a toxic relationship where the other person does their thing and thinks you will always be there for them. Selfish has 43 million views on YouTube at the moment.

For Granted by Lauren Spencer-Smith

Lauren Spencer-Smith is a young singer from Vancouver Island, Canada, who appeared on American Idol. However, she became an internet sensation after one of her songs blew up on TikTok in summer 2021. Spencer-Smith is working hard on her debut album and For Granted is probably one of the songs that will appear on it. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and openly calls out the boy who took her for granted. For Granted currently has around 300k views across several videos on YouTube.

Unappreciated by Cherish

Cherish was a successful girl group in the 2000s. They are still active today, mainly doing songwriting for other R&B artists. Unappreciated was the second single from their debut album of the same name, and it had minor chart success. The song has the unmistakable aughts vibe, with lyrics that describe a relationship going south because one side doesn’t appreciate the other. The video for Unappreciated has 28 million views on YouTube.

Coast To Coast by Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith was known for his honest lyrics, as well as his soft voice. While his songs mostly talk about depression and addiction, he would occasionally share a glimpse of his love life too. Coast To Coast could be about his relationship with a fellow musician Jennifer Chiba. The lyrics are cryptic, but a listener can tell that the singer feels like he is not good enough for someone. Several videos of Coast To Coast have around 600k views on YouTube right now.

Oh Well by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is a true poet who takes you on a journey with each song. Her loyal fans can always expect something unique and experimental. Oh Well will transport you directly to an end of a relationship that happened because of cheating and of course, being taken for granted. The song is supposedly about Paul Thomas Anderson, a famous film director who dated Apple in the 1990s. Oh Well has more than 600k streams across several videos on YouTube.

July by Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus is not just Miley’s younger sister anymore – she is also a talented singer with an incredible set of pipes. July is a slow acoustic song leaning on country sound. In it, Cyrus explores a relationship that has gone sour because her partner doesn’t appreciate her at all and continues to tell her she’s not good enough. The video has more than 53 million views on YouTube, making July one of her trendiest singles so far.  

When It Pleases You by Sara Watkins

Super talented multi-instrumentalist Sara Watkins has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as The Killers, John Mayer, and Phoebe Bridgers. But she has also released bluegrass and folk albums that sound delightful. You can find When It Pleases You on her second album Sun Midnight Sun. It is a pretty straightforward song about a girl in a relationship with someone who loves her when they find it convenient. Unfortunately, this song has around 100k streams on YouTube, but it certainly deserves more.

Nights Like This by Kehlani

Kehlani mixes trap and R&B effortlessly, and the results are breathtaking every single time. Nights Like This was released in 2019 and is featured on Kehlani’s While We Wait mixtape. The song is also a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. The emotional lyrics of Nights Like This pull a listener right in. Kehlani describes their experience in a dishonest relationship, how they treated their partner well and got nothing in return. The video for the song has 47 million plays on YouTube.

All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift

This list wouldn’t be complete without Taylor Swift. Her album 1989 is a pop music masterpiece because pretty much any song could’ve been a successful single. All You Had To Do Was Stay is a song about a lover who took Swift for granted and now wants her back, saying he had changed. Since Swift wrote this one after the breakup with Harry Styles, fans are pretty sure All You Had To Do Was Stay is about him. It has 1.3 million streams on YouTube right now.  

Enough For You by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR pretty much surprised everyone in a good way. The combination of emotional pop ballads and loud punk rock tunes stole our hearts. Enough For You is a song bursting with raw emotion. It is about a girl who did everything she could to make her boyfriend love her, and then he left her for someone else. The song is super honest, and the songwriting is a bit Taylor Swift-like, probably because Rodrigo is a huge Swiftie. The lyric video for Enough For You has 24 million views on YouTube.

In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

In My Feelings is the second song on this list inspired by G-Easy. The famous rapper dated Lana Del Rey before leaving her for Halsey. Of course, Del Rey used their failed relationship to write this magnificent song for her fifth album, Lust For Life. The lyrics are almost ruthless as they describe Del Rey’s disappointment after the breakup. The song has 3.3 million views at the moment.

The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala

Released in 2015, The Less I Know The Better is a psychedelic rock song with a little bit of disco and funk in the mix. The song had chart success, and it helped Tame Impala reach a wider audience. The video, which has 103 million views on YouTube right now, was trending after the release too. The song is about being in a love triangle and feeling unappreciated.

Call Out My Name by The Weeknd

If you have ever felt like you were the only one trying to make a relationship work, Call Out My Name will resonate with you. The song was featured on The Weeknd’s EP My Dear Melancholy, and rumor has it it was inspired by his relationship with Selena Gomez. According to The Weeknd, he did way more to make his ex-partner happy, but he holds no grudges and hopes they still need him. The video for Call Out My Name has 726 million views on YouTube.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths

The Smiths are the masters of emotional songs, and Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now is one of their more well-known singles. Penned by Morrissey, the lyrics describe a slightly upset person who is done with people treating them badly. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now has an upbeat rhythm that will make you dance while you hate on people who are taking you for granted. The official video has more than 44 million views on YouTube.

Grenade by Bruno Mars

Grenade ruled the airwaves in 2010 and 2011 and pretty much solidified Bruno Mars as one of the biggest pop stars of his generation. This powerful pop ballad tells a story of a guy who is ready to do anything for his girl, but she doesn’t care about him. Mars’ performance is highly emotional and will break your heart a bit for sure. Grenade has 1.59 billion views on YouTube.  

Irreplaceable by Beyoncé

Beyoncé is irreplaceable, and she tells it as it is in this smash hit from her second solo album, B’Day. It is one of the best breakup songs from the 2000s because Irreplaceable is both catchy and very powerful. Ne-Yo, the songwriter, wrote the lyrics from his perspective. As soon as Beyoncé liked this song, everything changed. Irreplaceable is about not being appreciated in a relationship and having the self-confidence to leave. It is Beyoncé at her best, and fans did recognize it because the video for this song has over 434 million views on YouTube.

As you can see, many artists have been in the same situation as you and were taken for granted at some point. Hopefully, this list of songs helped you out at least a little bit. Remember that everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, so don’t accept anything less.

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