Gaming headsets are an inseparable accessory of an avid game lover. Great audio quality, nifty features, surround sound, crystal clear mic are certain things that are non-negotiable for people who take their gaming seriously. Predictable as it may seem, these things come at a “PRICE”.

With competition soaring in the gaming industry, each brand is dishing out a variety of headsets to cater to different customer groups. For pro gamers and customers who don’t mind the price tag, there are some really cool options in the market. 

We have carefully curated a bespoke list of the 10 most expensive gaming headsets that deserve your attention if you are on the lookout for an exorbitant gaming headset.

In case if you are still doubtful, first address the elephant in the room, before jumping to the product list.

Elephant in the room: Are expensive gaming headsets worth it?

The simple answer to the question is YES! It is worth it. 

If you are set to dole out some heavy cash, it means either you already know the benefits of an expensive gaming headset or are willing to explore its advantages. Here is a quick summary of things you can expect from a pricey gaming headset:

  • They offer superior sound quality
  • They last longer owing to the quality build and durability of the parts 
  • Have more exciting features than usual cheaper ones – like chat mixer and volume dials
  • Many of them support surround sound and 3D spatial sound
  • Most of them feature Active noise cancellation 
  • Better microphone quality
  • Dedicated mobile app for custom EQ settings
  • Wireless + Wired – Dual modes available in many of the pricey headsets
  • Wide compatibility with multiple platforms and consoles
  • Voice assistant support
  • Better padding, cushioning of ear cups, and adjustable headbands for comfort


Have you been in a dilemma to buy or not buy a high-end gaming headset? Drop the apprehensions and enter the world of lifelike gaming with these premium headsets. They guarantee immersive rich sound with plush features that set them apart from the cheap lot. 

Get ready to play! Or should we say – Get ready to spend!

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC



Why we picked it – High Fidelity gaming audio

Arctis Pro + GameDAC is widely recognized as one of the best high-end gaming headsets owing to many reasons. For starters, it leads with audiophile-grade surround sound that is powered by premium Hi-Res speakers and high-density neodymium magnets. This combination produces audio output up to 40,000 Hz, nearly double what most standard headsets are capable of (22,000 Hz).

Its’ luxurious polished steel and aluminum alloy construction, complete with hi-res voice clarity, background noise cancellation, and ClearCast bidirectional microphone, makes you lose yourself in the game with lifelike breath-taking audio.


  • Wired Connectivity
  • 40 mm neodymium drivers
  • DTS Headphone: X v2.0 surround sound
  • GameDAC: High Fidelity digital to analog converter (DAC)
  • Premium woven ski goggle fabric suspension headband
  • On headset controls and chatmix
  • Black and White color variants
  • Compatibility – PC, MAC, PlayStation 4 and 5


  • Comfortable Airweave fabric ear cushions
  • Retractable noise-canceling microphone
  • Luxurious material with replaceable speaker plates for a customized look
  • Able to receive, process, and play Hi-Res formats


  • Spatial DTS sound offered by these headsets doesn’t match up to spatial Dolby sound
  • The short cable of GameDAC makes it suitable for desk gamers rather than couch gamers

2. Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate



Why we picked it – Rich, real-time, and immersive haptic effects 

Equipped with intelligent haptic technology (developed by LOFELT™), the sound signals in Razer Nari Ultimate are converted into dynamic and real-time touch-sensory feedback. Vibrations flow accurately from left to right, and with different intensities, depending on where the audio cues are coming from in the game. 

The design is durable, to last effects of heavy usage, and lets you enjoy lag-free wireless audio up to 12 meters without disconnection. Gamers will now have heightened awareness of their in-game surroundings. Nari Ultimate makes you feel the impact of a battle like never before!


  • Wireless gaming headset with Razer HyperSense
  • 50 mm drivers inside high-Density Foam with Plush Leatherette
  • Auto-Adjusting Headband with Swivelling Ear Cups
  • Unibody Aluminium Frame
  • Battery life – 8 hours with HyperSense/ up to 20 hours without HyperSense
  • Retractable Unidirectional Microphone
  • Compatibility – PC with USB port; PlayStation 4, Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 (Nari Ultimate for Xbox One is also available)
  • 2 years warranty


  • Immersive gaming with the touch sensory feedback
  • Good spatial audio
  • Comfortable gaming for hours with cooling gel-infused cushions
  • seamless cross-platform compatibility via a 3.5 mm audio jack in wired mode
  • Allows fine-tuning between game and chat volume for the perfect mix
  • On ear-cup controls


  • Lack of noise cancellation
  • Limited wireless range and occasional drops in connection

3. Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE Gaming Headset

Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE Gaming Headset



Why we picked it – Wide device compatibility: You choose how to play!

Sporting a refined and exclusive gunmetal styling, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE is NOT just a good-looking gaming headset. It’s a spot-on blend of lightweight design, strong durability, and maximum comfort. The sound quality is uncompromised, making you hear more of everything in your gaming world.

The high-bandwidth omni directional microphone of the Virtuoso RGB wireless provides unmatched voice clarity rivaling that of standalone microphones. The headset is made battery efficient with its Smart Sleep and Wake – An internal accelerometer that automatically shuts your headset off when you put it down and powers up when you put it back on.


  • Wireless connectivity up to 60 ft 
  • 50mm high-density neodymium drivers with 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound
  • Premium memory foam earpads
  • Detachable microphone
  • 3 ways to connect – Slipstream wireless, USB wired and 3.5 mm wired connectivity
  • Micro perforation RGB lighting
  • Compatibility – PC, PlayStation 4/5, Mobile devices, Xbox One
  • Storage pouch included


  • Amazing looks
  • Lightweight headband and pillow-soft cushions for long-lasting comfort
  • RGB LED ring to indicate the live or mute status
  • Broadcast grade detachable microphone
  • The good battery life of up to 20 hours


  • Ear cups heat up on prolonged use
  • Treble heavy sound output with weak bass

4. Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation) Premium Gaming Headset

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation) Premium Gaming Headset



Why we picked it –  German build quality that is durable and perfect for professional gamers

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is your go-to high-tech gaming headset that is ideal for noisy environments and tournament situations. The design allows for maximum control with the in-line cable remote control and features a high-quality condenser microphone that transmits your voice loud and clear to your fellow gamers.

The price premium is attributed to the solid German engineering that delivers extremely clear, three-dimensional, and powerful sound. The headsets have been carefully handcrafted by highly skilled engineers at Beyerdynamic. This ensures your headsets deliver amazing sound with outstanding speech, giving you an unbeatable advantage against the competition.


  • Circumaural stereo headset with cable remote control
  • Wired Transmission type
  • 1.2 m cable with remote control for console and 2.5 m cable with remote control for PC
  • 6.3 mm jack adapter
  • Compatible with PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles
  • Comes with a special hard case to carry the headset safely


  • Has tangle-free detachable dual cables
  • Decent Active Noise Cancellation
  • Durable build
  • Studio quality sound driver system
  • Integrated cable remote control on both cables


  • Pricier than other competitors like Razer or Turtle Beach
  • The comfort of the earcups doesn’t match the premium price

5. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset



Why we picked it – Premium Wireless Gaming Experience that lets you multitask

One of the best Turtle Beach Headsets to date, The Stealth 700 Gen 2 gaming headset features an all-new metal-reinforced headband and re-designed structure that’s more durable than ever. Rugged, yet lightweight, let the gamer in you relax as this product is built to last. 

With Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing® sound setting, you’ll have the competitive advantage by being able to hear all the subtle yet game-changing sounds, like sneaking enemy footsteps, other players reloading their weapon for an ambush, or vehicles off in the distance approaching with reinforcements. Be assured of an immersive and elevated wireless gaming experience!


  • Wireless USB transmitter connection
  • 50mm Nanoclear™ neodymium drivers
  • Flip-up Omni-Directional mic design
  • Aerofit™ cooling gel-infused ear cushions
  • 20 hours of wireless battery life
  • Compatible with PS5™ | PS4™ | PS4™ PRO | NINTENDO SWITCH (via USB connection)
  • USB-C cable included for charging


  • Great battery life
  • Plush memory foam and cooling gel ear cushions for comfort wear
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth connection to switch seamlessly between games, calls, and music
  • Friendly for gamers with glasses
  • Variable mic monitoring that allows to fine-tune chat volume


  • Fuzzy noise cancellation 
  • Charging while in use is not possible
  • Limited range of the transmitter

6. ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station

ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station



Why we picked it – Iconic gaming design that is typical to Astro products

Break free from the restrictions of wires with A50 wireless gaming headset that allows you absolute immersion with its legendary sound experience. Whether it is PS4, PC, or Mac, A50 delivers top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, and durability that professional gamers demand from a premium line of gaming headsets. 

The Astro A50 packs Dolby sound and optimized chat/game volume with the built-in MixAmp technology. Punching higher than its weight, the headset is 3D audio ready with great spatial audio quality for an unprecedented competitive edge over other players.


  • 40mm Neodymium Magnet
  • Wireless range – 15 mm
  • Different sets compatible with PlayStation 5/4, PC, and Xbox Series
  • Free access to ASTRO Command Centre software for customized game audio settings. Available on Windows 10, Xbox and Mac.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery holds 15+ hours of life
  • Unidirectional voice isolating mic


  • Low latency voice communication
  • Cinematic gaming audio
  • Optional A50 MOD kit allows users to add a synthetic leather headband and ear cushions for improved noise cancellation 
  • Flip to mute functionality


  • Docking on the base station is bit finicky
  • Extremely pricey if you count the MOD kit sold separately (Additional $60)

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7. EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 600

EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 600



Why we picked it – High on comfort and adjustment, suitable for any gamer’s head

The build, material, and finish of the EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 600 screams luxury and is engineered to deliver superlative performance for competitive gamers. The co-branded headset scores are high on the gamers’ radar owing to its high audio fidelity and exceptional realism with precise accuracy. 

The headsets’ microphone features a flexible lift-to-mute boom arm that allows for the best voice pick-up position. The ergonomic design that includes a padded adjustable headband and cushioned closed ear pads offer passive noise attenuation and comfort for long gaming sessions.


  • Wired connectivity 
  • Compatibility – Mac OSX, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC / Soft phone
  • Closed acoustic design and ergonomic ear pads for passive noise attenuation
  • Lift-to-mute boom arm adjusts for best voice pick up position
  • Volume wheel on the right ear cup for quick adjustments 
  • Includes exchangeable cables for console and PC
  • 2 years warranty


  • Solid sound performance
  • Intuitive volume control
  • Great on comfort owing to adjustable headband pressure
  • The high-quality material ensures durability and reliability


  • Non-convincing 3.5 mm split cable
  • Underwhelming mic quality 

8. HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset + HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound 

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset + HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound 



Why we picked it – Wide studio-grade sound stage and software-free surround sound 

HyperX Cloud Revolver is a premium grade headset, designed to meet the requirements of an elite PC OR console gamer. The Revolver family has stereo and HyperX 7.1 surround sound models, which both feature studio-grade sound stages and next-gen drivers that excel in FPS and open environment settings. 

The headset clearly distinguishes the highs, mids, and lows with unmatched voice clarity and durability. For those who place comfort over everything else, the headset offers a top-notch version of relief and reliability with the signature HyperX memory foam ear cushions. Precise with depth and distance, get more from your gaming experience with high-quality sound from HyperX.


  • Wired connectivity
  • Next-gen 50mm directional drivers pump out precise audio
  • Multi-platform compatible – 7.1 virtual surround sound is compatible via USB on PC and PS4. The headset is also stereo compatible via 3.5mm (4 poles) plug with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, mobile devices, and VR
  • TeamSpeak™ and Discord certified noise-canceling mic
  • Clippable USB audio control box


  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • Durable, reliable solid-steel frame
  • Sound card boosts audio with enhanced bass
  • Easy to set up


  • Weighs heavier than other premium gaming headsets
  • Volume control is not available when using a 3.5 mm audio jack
  • While ear cushions are good, the poor suspension band make them a bit uncomfortable for extended use

9. JBL Quantum ONE – USB Wired Professional Gaming Headset

JBL Quantum ONE – USB Wired Professional Gaming Headset



Why we picked it – Head tracking and active noise cancelation 

Securing a spot amongst top-of-the-line JBL gaming headsets is the Quantum ONE, which puts the audio expertise of JBL to good use for gaming. So what is professional about these headsets? The answer dwells in their head-tracking enhanced JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™ that gives you professional-level 3D-audio and next-gen accuracy audio positioning. 

Adding to the bells and whistles is the Hi-res certified JBL QuantumSOUND Signature audio that creates realistic and independent soundscape to improve your natural instincts and move with an aggressive edge in-game. 


  • USB Wired connectivity with over-ear design
  • Hi-Res certified 50mm neodymium drivers
  • equipped with DTS Headphone X: v2.0
  • Premium leather-wrapped, memory foam ear cushions
  • Wide compatibility – PC via USB and rest of the devices via 3.5 mm audio jack (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR)
  • Echo canceling detachable mic
  • Audio equalizer for custom sound


  • Feature-rich 
  • Sound clarity and Head tracking
  • Programmable RGB color lighting tuner
  • Adjustable, loud, and clear microphone
  • Active noise cancellation for gaming environments


  • Low on bass
  • Limited chat mixer
  • Better performance on PC than consoles (QuantumSPHERE 360 is only available on PC)

10. Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset



Why we picked it – Versatile 2-in-1 gaming + lifestyle headset

Bose entered the gaming territory with its QuietComfort 35 II and made sure to fuse it with all positives for which Bose is known in the audio industry. Be it the unmatched ANC and durability or superior comfort and portability, Bose gets it right with this one. While the gaming angle has been added later to the classic wireless music headset, the attempt is surely commendable as it meets the basic criteria of everyday gamers.

The QC35 II Gaming Headset uses a combination of patented active and passive noise cancellation, giving crisp audio with deep bass, making you hear only what you actually want to hear. Hence it comes as no surprise that Bose QC35 II is the official gaming headset of League of Legends – the biggest and most popular e-sport in the world. 


  • Wireless and Wired Connectivity – Micro USB charging cable; 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm aux cable
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Compatibility – Supports PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
  • Battery life: 20 hours in wireless mode and 40 hours in wired mode
  • 15 minutes of quick charge gives 5 hours of wired gaming and 2.5 hours of wireless lifestyle mode
  • Three settings for noise cancellation available in wireless lifestyle mode — off, low, and high
  • Supports activate voice assistant – Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Travel case included


  • Top-notch Acoustic Noise Cancelling
  • Lifelike sound 
  • Extremely durable
  • Massive battery life 
  • Lightweight, comfortable with a slim profile


  • No surround sound
  • Doesn’t support custom EQ profiles
  • The mic doesn’t work in wireless mode. Hence it is a wired headset while gaming

Buying Guide and FAQs – Premium/Expensive Gaming Headsets

What are the things to consider when buying expensive or high-end gaming headsets?

Instead of getting lost in a maze of options, set your priorities right basis the following checklist when buying high-end gaming headsets:

  • Platform compatibility – Check if the premium features of the gaming headset are supported on your gaming console or not as many headsets have game-specific or console-specific audio profiles. It is good to go for headsets that pack in a 3.5 mm audio connection, no matter how fancy or wireless they are.
  • Sound Quality – The difference between cheap and costly gaming headsets lies majorly in the sound quality. Headsets with a minimum of 40 mm neodymium drivers and punchy bass should be picked to have the impeccable sound quality required to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • Build quality and comfort – What use is spending big bucks if they feel as uncomfortable as any other cheap cans on your ear? The comfort and build quality include using good material that sustains the wear and tear of long gaming hours. The budget of luxurious headsets should at least warrant them to last for 3-5 years.
  • Noise isolation and Noise cancellation – If you are playing Counterstrike or Fortnite, accurate directional sound cues are very important. While for others like League of Legends or Dota 2, getting/not getting noise cues might not be a deal-breaker. Passive noise isolation will allow to seal out outside noises owing to their physical design like the snug fit of ear cups, cushioning, etc. While Active Noise Cancelling is a technology that will filter out background noises for clear sound. 
  • Microphone – If you are a gamer, the relevance of a good quality mic can’t be overemphasized. Many expensive gaming headsets suffer from the curse of poor mic. The mic (can be built-in or detachable) should filter out distortions, must be easy to mute out and have the boom feature.

Does surround sound matter in a gaming headset?

The stereo sound that plays audio out of the left and right speakers of a headset might seem too basic and boring for gaming. So surround sound or virtual surround sound, which makes you feel audio coming from multi-directional speakers permits the gamer to anticipate object position via sound. 

Audio at different distances and angles makes the whole gaming experience real and immersive. So yes, surround sound does matter!

What is better – Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset?

Many expensive headsets offer both wireless and wired gaming experiences with options to switch. If you don’t want to worry about charging, batteries, or are purely a desk gamer then wired ones offer superior sound quality for gaming. 

However, if you move about while playing, seek wide platform compatibility with the least restrictions then a wireless option is more convenient. 

What gaming headset do professional gamers use?

Pro gamers of games like PUBG and Fortnite place their trust in brands like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Logitech, Astro, and HyperX series. 

Wrapping Up

The expensive gaming headsets are designed to make your gaming world come to life with realistic sound effects and luxurious comfort. Unlike other tech products – the term “expensive” in gaming is synonymous with “quality”. So when you pay a premium on a gaming headset, you can view it as an investment against the quality of sound, materials used, and overall aesthetics. 

If you have the budget or a pro gamer or deemed to be one – don’t think twice. High-end gaming headsets won’t let you down. Make sure to keep our buying guide and product list handy for your next purchase. 

Are you currently using an expensive gaming headset? 

If yes, which one is it?

If no, would you consider buying it?

Please share your comments below. 

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