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From socks to hats, to everyday shoes, we tend to clean all of them. We all need to go through a cleaning process every once in a while. No doubt, everyone likes the things they wear to feel fresh and clean. And, just like everything we wear catches dirt, dust, and filth from the environment, earbuds also catch a lot of gunk and gross dirt.

Just like everything we wear eventually gets washed and cleaned, the earbuds we use need a thorough cleaning from time to time. Earbuds tend to gather more than just earwax, sebum, and sweat. It collects dust particles and bacteria every time they are removed and kept in places such as bags, tables, etc. Research says that earbuds tend to have a thousand more times of bacteria than a kitchen cutting board, doesn’t sound that great now, does it?

No one would want to have the dirt accumulated in earbuds cause infections, and other illnesses through the ear. And since the ears are a sensitive organ of the body, it is imperative that they are well taken care of. Cleaning earbuds is not a difficult or long task. A good, and proper cleaning of the earbuds twice to thrice a month will not only keep your earbuds clean, but will also keep ears away from bacteria, germs, and infections.

Wondering how to clean earbuds? Here’s a quick guide:

Quick surface clean:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning earbuds, start with doing a quick swipe and clean-up of the earbud wire, earpad, and tips. Use a cloth dampened with warm water to get rid of surface gunk and dust. Use a mild soap solution and avoid using any kind of rubbing alcohol as it can damage the color and leather/silicone exterior. Try doing the basic clean-up once a week to keep your earbuds clean.

Monthly clean up:

A monthly thorough clean-up of the insides of the earbuds is an ideal way to ensure that the earbuds last longer and the ears are safe from unwanted germs and bacteria. Use a soft, silicone, micro brush to clean the inside of the earbuds. The wax and sebum that gets collected there need to be cleaned very delicately. Here’s when you can use a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. The grill and the filter of the earbud are usually made of metals and rubbing alcohol is a good way to clean them properly. Ensure that the swab isn’t oversaturated to avoid risks of liquid going into the earbud and damaging the wires.


Putty is a great addition to an earbud cleaning kit. Putty has a firm yet sticky consistency which makes it the perfect dirt collector. Press a ball of putty gently onto the grate surface of the earbud and dab to get hold of the dirt that is stuck in the little holes of the earbud.

Earbuds cleaning supplies

Want to go the extra mile and grab a good earbud cleaning kit? Here are a few picks that are compact, great quality and serve the right purpose:

BROOMHILDA’s Headset Cleaner




The earbud cleaning kit comes with a mini earbud case, a soft cloth pouch that holds the stylus kind cleaning probe. The stylus is dual-tipped. One of the sides is a brush and the other is a tip that clears dirt out of the areas a brush cannot reach.

RevJams cleaning kit




This cleaning kit is a snatch at the price and quality. The 31 pieces set works perfectly with all kinds of earbuds including the delicate Airpods and other wireless earbuds. The kit includes top-notch things such as antibacterial cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and dust stickers that work like magic.





Rehear’s brush is the only thing needed for those who want a quick fix earbud cleaning tool. The brush has a magnet and a wax loop on one end to get to the bottom of the gunk and make the earbuds look brand spanking new.

Fixfans Swabs




The 25 piece cotton swab packet is a specialized set of cotton swabs. These are specially designed for an earbud cleaning kit. These earbuds have a tapered, almost conical top. The sharp tip helps in cleaning the earbuds thoroughly without damaging the filter or metal grate.


Take a look at:

Best earbuds for small-ears





YuCool’s 39 piece earbud cleaning kit comes with a bunch of high-quality earbud cleaning tools. It has foam swabs, alcohol pads, soft bristle spoolies, etc. It is a great kit for all kinds of earbuds. The brushes and alcohol pads are a perfect pairing for deep cleaning of the earbud filter and grate. Just FYI: this is also my personal pick.

Why should you clean your earbuds?

The cleaning is an essential part to maintain the earbuds, a few more things are to be kept in mind. Cleaning the earbud also improves the sound quality since the dirt and gunk tend to block and reduce sound. How doesn’t enjoy high-quality music? With a little effort, you can get that and protect your ears from unnecessary bacteria.

  • After every use of earbuds at the gym, ensure that they are properly wiped and cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Longer exposure to any kind of liquid substance can cause the earbuds to go bad and collects germs.
  • Wash the ear tips in warm soapy water or get replacements if they are old and broken. A good warm wash will clean the ear tips of everything that gets collected in the passage.
  • Keeping the earbuds in an earbud case or soft cloth pouch is a great way to prevent germs and bacteria from collecting on the earbuds.
  • If someone has lent the earbuds, clean it before lending and after taking it back.
  • If the earbuds have been on a dirty or unhygienic surface, or have fallen down on the road, clean it immediately.


Did you know that Keeping the earbuds clean is not rocket science? with the right tools and time; the earbuds will look good and last for a very long time. Keeping the earbuds clean not only ensures the time span of use, but it also keeps the ears safe from illness and possible clogging due to the dirt and ear wax.
Most importantly Cleaning the earbuds also increases the quality of sound. A lot of times, clogging can cause reduced volume even when the volume is full or cracked, distorted voice quality. A great way to avoid such issues is to keep the earbuds clean always. With these tips and tricks, the earbuds will be in their best shape all the time.
Leave us a comment below and let us know how you clean your earbuds. We hope this was helpful.
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