Review : Censi Music Headset – Creative Cat Ears Headphones 

Censi Music Headset - cat ears

Get ready to be swept away by these innovative and high-on-fashion cat ears headphones that don’t disappoint you with their sound

Known by different names – Neko / Kitty / Cat earphones, they all convey one common thing – Cute cat ears popping up from the headset to give you a fashionably cool time listening to music or playing games. 

Creative Cat Ears Music Headset from Censi, a Chinese manufacturer, is in the Neko category (Neko means Cat in Japanese) and delivers exceptional sound that will please Anime and Manga fans alike. Nested inside build-to-last material, it boasts of impressive neat looks with sound output that makes it worth your money. With the buzz surrounding these headsets, they have become a must-have style accessory for cat aficionados.

The headphones are elegant with a powerful-looking design. The interesting thing about these cat ears headphones is that you can go from a manga or a cutesy cat fan to a regular average Joe / formal corporate look in a jiffy. And how is that possible? Well, thanks to removable cat ears!


They are available as Censi Wired Music Headset and Censi Moecen Wireless headsets to suit the needs of different users. So wired or wireless, you are definitely going to love them!

Lets’ dig deeper into the world of cat-ear headphones that seem to have taken everyone by storm!

Price : $73.99 (Wired) and $99.99 (Wireless)


Pros 👍

Cons 👎

Adjustable with removable cat ears

The wired option doesn’t support Mic

Decent noise cancellation

No LED lights

Rich bass – ideal for gaming

Lack of volume control

Sweat & Water-resistant (IPX4 rated)

10 hours battery on single charge

High-Quality plastic

Who should consider buying Censi Cat Ear Music Headset?

Censi Music Cat Ear Headphones

Its’ always good to know what you are getting out of the deal before you shell out that hard-earned cash. Here is a quick checklist for you to see if these reasons are compelling enough to order a Censi cat ear headphones for you or your friends/family. 

  • Cat lovers – This is an explicit reason for anyone to possess this adorable kitty cat ears headset. A sincere cat lover wouldn’t shy away from showing their love for those cutesy ears through any accessories they can lay their hands on. 
  • Gamers who love great sound with comfort – You tend to lose the track of time while gaming hard. These cushiony Korea protein leather earmuffs let you game for long without feeling the fatigue of uncomfortable headphones or bad sound. 
  • Users who want to create a Style Statement – This is a no-brainer. These headsets are an instant hit with the younger crowd who want to stand out among peers and leave a lasting fashion impression.
  • Great gifting option – These unique-looking cat ear headphones can create quite a thunder as a must-have Christmas, Birthdays or Halloween gift.
  • Neko/Manga/Anime fans – Neko fans have a soft spot for these headphones. The cat style gives them something to relate to. It’s very trendy and true to Neko culture. 

Considering buying these, but are not sure about the signature cat ears? Just remove those cat ears and Voila! Problem Solved. Removable accessories work for those who prefer a low-key sophisticated look or think the design will be overkill for their age or gender.  The headset color is also not barbie bright pink, but more of a subtle peachy hue that works for many kinds of users. 

Key Decision Influencers: What to know while buying over-ear cat ear headphones?

It becomes quite a task to filter out the best cat-ear headphones when you have so many options available out there. So it’s only wise that you spend a couple of minutes reading what you should know when buying over-the-ear, cat ear headphones before you commit to the “cute n cool” kitty version. 

  • Sound Quality – If you are leaning towards cat-ear headphones owing to their amazing looks, it doesn’t mean you skip the ever-important sound quality. The infatuation with cat ears might fade off, but if the headphones don’t sound right and powerful, you might toss them away sooner. Look for words like “balanced HD sound”, “strong bass”, “noise cancellation”, etc. in the product description.
  • Design and Durability – The overall build and design should make sense to you as the end-user. Make sure you are comfortable with an over-the-ear design before you take the plunge. If you are more of a “earbuds” kind of person, you might not be very comfortable in these. Also, since you spend, you would like the product to be of good construction quality that can withstand regular use for approx. 3-4 years.
  • Comfort – What use are great-looking headphones, if they hurt, itch, or don’t fit right on your head? The material of the earmuffs and the headband is of utmost importance when it comes to extended playtime with headphones. Go for soft, cushiony, silicone or leather-based muffs with an adjustable headband design to give you that perfect fit.
  • Wired or Wireless – If you are mostly desk-bound or hard core audiophile, the wired version might be your go-to choice. However, if you prefer mobility and stream music from different devices, then a Bluetooth-supported wireless version is definitely the way to go.
  • Battery life – A good battery life is anywhere between 10-20 hours of playtime on a single charge. The charging should be quick and convenient for you to get on with music and games without much delay.

So how does CENSI Cat Ears Music Headset rate on these key decision influencers? Here is the rating.


Rating for CENSI Cat ears Headphones

Sound Quality


Design and Durability




Wired and Wireless

Good. Both options available

(Bluetooth 5.0 support would be better)

Battery Life


Excellent – Exceeds Expectations

Good – Meets Expectations

Average – Meets Expectations but needs some improvement

Poor – Doesn’t Meet Expectations

What’s inside the box?

The Censi Music Headset comes in a compact and neat-looking box, which might surprise you considering they look bigger to be fitted in such tiny packaging. On unboxing, you realize that these over-the-ear headphones are flexible enough to be folded and fitted in this tiny box. 

Inside the box, you see a nice butter paper feel Censi branded covering. Underneath this paper, lies the instruction manual. It’s endearing to see the color of the box matches the pink and white scheme of headphones. 

The AUX wire and cute cat ears come packed in separate boxes imprinted with pretty-looking girl animation. The headphones have very legible and helpful L AND R marked inside the ear muffs for users to not mix up. 

So you get:

  • 1 × Censi Music Headset
  • 2 × Cat ears Accessories
  • 1 × Removable 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 1 × Premium carrying case with molded foam to ensure your headphone is safe when not in use

Set up guide:

The Censi Noise Cancelling wireless model is incorporated with innovative Bluetooth technology. This feature allows you to turn the Censi ear headphone on or off just by pressing and holding the Bluetooth device. If you want pure audio experience then you can connect Censi headphones with a USB cord. The wired version connects via the standard AUX cable and connects to external devices through the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Features and Functionality

Tech Specs



Battery life



 100+/- 3db



Speaker Diameter




Wearing Styles




Waterproof Level


Output Source

 Portable audio-visual

Plug type

 Line Type


 Black with red, white with pink

Mechanical Function


Connectivity and Compatibility

  • The wireless version is compatible with 99% of Bluetooth devices in the market, which makes it a universal headset that fits the needs of every music lover and gamer.
  • With Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can enjoy the wireless experience and never miss a call with built-in hands-free phone answering even while you are listening to music. 
  • Bluetooth Distance allows lossless hearing for up to 10-15 meters
  • The wired version comes with a standard AUX cable to plug into a 3.5 mm audio jack

Comfort and Build

  • The headphones are made with Korea protein soft leather with 3D cut and crystal. The Memory Foam Ear Blasting Technology Design of this headsets serves two functions – It reduces the external noise and lends superior comfort to wearer.
  • Two grooves design aids easy removal and replacement of accessories
  • These are easily foldable and portable enough to fit in a small bag
  • The high-quality plastic makes them durable enough for everyday rugged use
  • Easy to adjust the headband to fit different sized shapes
  • One-step installation of cat ears inside the patented headband slot. You can even move them higher or lower in the slot, basis your preferences.

Sound quality

  • With a 40mm big moving coil, a low impedance of 26 ohms, less than 0.5-ohm wire, this headset exudes surprisingly powerful sound that leaves you spellbound
  • Noise cancellation works flawlessly as you will barely hear your own voice once you wear it.
  • Professionally tuned by a team with more than 15 years of experience, earmuffs deliver pure bass that is unmatched among the other gaming and music headsets
  • The high sensitivity of 100 +/- 3 dB, ensures no loss of sound while hearing your favorite track

Added Perks

  • Water and Sweat-resistant, owing to IPX4 rating – So sweat and sparkle in style
  • The luxurious quality finish of the earmuffs
  • Silicone Cat ears are soft, malleable, and easy to insert
  • Playable and enjoyable accessories to be released in the future can be bought separately (Devils’ Horns, Witch Hat, etc.)
  • Portable to fit inside a bag.


The Censi Music Headset is expensive than a regular Riwbox CT-7S or a Mindkoo cat ear headset but it still costs lesser than some of the other competitors like the Brookstone Ariana Grande edition of the very famous Razer Kraken Kitty edition. It’s a mid-priced offering that tries to pack in all things good, including sound.

One might miss the flashy flickering LED lights offered by other cat ear headphones, but it has better durability than other players. The design is the winner here with the accessories slot and the company is going to release newer accessories, to make things more interesting. 

The Censi cat ear headphones are convenient, comfortable, and stylish. They will add fun to your routine and maximize the pleasure of listening. Their versatility and fashionable appeal speak for themselves. It will be a long time before any other cat ear headset matches the flexibility, finish, and performance of Censi Headphones. Go for it!


Can CENSI cat ear headphones connect with Gaming consoles like PS4?

Yes, it can connect with PS4 via a 3.5mm audio cable. You don’t need a Y splitter. Just remember that the cord is relatively short, and you’d have to sit right next to the PS4 for it to work. 

Is there a Mic on CENSI cat ear headphones?

The mic is available only with the wireless Bluetooth version. It is integrated below the left earpiece. The wired version doesn’t support an audio mic.

Does the Bluetooth version come with a cable?

Yes, the Bluetooth version comes with a cable. You can connect the headset via cable for a better audio experience and when you want to move around while listening to music or playing games, you can shift to wireless mode.

Are these headphones heavy?

The CENSI headsets’ innovative design claims to be super comfortable and doesn’t hurt your ears even after wearing them for several hours. They may get heavy on the top of your head though. 

Do these cat ear headphones fit adults?

Yes, they do. They sport an adjustable headband that can be lifted up or down to fit different head sizes including larger heads. 

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