Jazz dance is an ever-evolving dance style that became popular in the 40s and 50s. Pop singers like Janet Jackson embraced it in the 80s, and viewers can notice the jazz dance influences in her videos from that decade. Today, you will see jazz dance on TV and in music videos. After all, it is a part of the modern culture now.

So if you are a jazz dancer looking to find a new soundtrack for your dance routines, here is a list of 20 best songs for jazz dancers:

Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s critically acclaimed album Back To Basics features fun and cheerful tunes perfect for jazz dance routines. Ain’t No Other Man was the first single that introduced Aguilera’s alter ego, Baby Jane. The singer experimented with mixing soul and jazz with contemporary pop and R&B. The video for this song has more than 85 million views on YouTube.


Sax by Fleur East

Inspired by Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, Sax is an uptempo and dancey tune that will make you move your body to the rhythm. Fleur East, the X-Factor runner-up, released Sax as her first single, and it was a hit in both Great Britain and around the globe. The hypnotizing and colorful video has some cool dance breaks. It has 98 million viewers on YouTube.


Clap Snap by Icona Pop

Icona Pop, an electropop duo from Sweden, took the world by storm in 2012, thanks to the single I Love It. They continue to make incredible music that certainly deserves more publicity. You can find Clap Snap on their Emergency EP, and it is a high-energy tune perfect for a jazz dance routine. The video has more than 6 million views on YouTube.


Greedy by Ariana Grande

Featured on Ariana Grande’s critically acclaimed album Dangerous Woman, Greedy is a bass-driven disco-pop tune. Grande’s vocal performance is outstanding as usual. Greedy became a hit after Valentina, a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, forgot the lyrics during a lipsync battle. Grande’s live performance video of Greedy has 14 million views on YouTube.


King by Years & Years

King is undoubtedly the most popular song by the UK band Years & Years. Featured on their debut album Communion, this is a dancey synth-pop tune that shot straight to the UK charts. King was huge in other European countries in the spring of 2014. The video that has 261.4 million views on YouTube is beautifully choreographed too.


Sweet Melody by Little Mix

Little Mix made 2020 more bearable by releasing this absolute banger. Sweet Melody is a pop song with reggaeton influences and strong beats. The girls from Little Mix have an incredible choreography in the video, so 116 million views on YouTube is not surprising. Unfortunately, Jesy Nelson decided to leave the group soon after the release of Sweet Melody, so the girls are now continuing their journey as a trio.


No Roots by Alice Merton

No Roots is Alice Merton’s chart-topping debut single with catchy lyrics and cute beats. Merton’s own life served as an inspiration for the song. She constantly moved from country to country before settling in Berlin, Germany. Even though it was released in 2016, No Roots is still super popular, especially on TikTok. The video for No Roots has a whopping 287 million views on YouTube.


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) by Fergie

Recorded for the 2013 version of The Great Gatsby, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) prominently features electro-swing elements. You can hear the song in the movie’s dance scene, and it is one of the most memorable moments from the whole flick. Fergie’s vocals are breathtaking, so it’s no wonder the song has more than 91 million listeners on YouTube.


Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is a great artist who can take the doo-wop elements and make them sound fresh and contemporary. Lips Are Movin is the second single from her debut album Title. It is a cheerful tune that works great for jazz dance routines. The video for this song has more than 580 million views on YouTube.


That Man by Caro Emerald

Hailing from Denmark, Caro Emerald is an artist with a powerful voice and unique style. She knows how to give a modern twist to genres like jazz, swing, and electro swing. That Man is not her biggest single to date, but it is such a happy and retro song that will inspire you to create a wonderful jazz dance choreography on the spot. The video has 11 million views on YouTube.


Applause by Lady Gaga

Nobody does dance-pop better than Lady Gaga, and Applause is the perfect example. She released this hit in 2013 after months of recovery from the injury that forced her to cancel an entire tour. Applause could be called a comeback single, but Lady Gaga never took a break. This song fits the jazz dance theme thanks to impeccable lyrics and a hypnotic rhythm. The video has 395 million views on YouTube right now.  


Canned Heat by Jamiroquai

Immortalized in a cult movie called Napoleon DynamiteCanned Heat delivers a funky beat that pretty much forces you to move your feet. British band Jamiroquai was a breath of fresh air in the 90s when most artists switched to heavier and grungier sound. Instead, they focused on funk, jazz, and disco. The video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, has around 32 million views on YouTube.


That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony came together on the American version of The X Factor, and the band went on to release three successful albums in a short amount of time. Their singles ruled the airwaves until 2018. Unfortunately, Fifth Harmony announced their hiatus that year. So if you are looking for a girl-power song to inspire your dance routines, look no further than That’s My Girl. The video for this song resembles the world of Mad Max and has 228 million views on YouTube.


Dance Apocalyptic by Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe is a true artist who deserves way more recognition for her ability to make every new release feel unique and original. Dance Apocalyptic, an incredible song from her second studio album The Electric Lady, is a mixture of different music styles. Monáe was inspired by Prince’s hit song 1999, so Dance Apocalyptic is slick, fun, and will put a smile on your face. The video has over 6 million views on YouTube.


Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa

Some might say that Dua Lipa is singlehandedly responsible for the return of disco, and they are somewhat right. Her second album, Future Nostalgia, doesn’t have a single bad song. Released as the lead single, Don’t Start Now is a masterpiece, with Lipa’s vocals blending effortlessly with the funky beat. The video has more than 569 million views on YouTube right now.


Intro by The xx

Intro is the most popular song by the British indie band The xx. It is such a versatile instrumental track. You can play it while jazz dancing, as well as when you want to read a book. Celebrities such as Rihanna love it as well. After all, she sampled Intro for her song Drunk On Love. The super-simple video for Intro has 13 million listens on YouTube.  


Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Shake It Off marks the point at which Taylor Swift started to dominate the pop world. It was the first single from her critically acclaimed fifth album 1989. Shake It Off is an energetic dance tune that fits the mold of a pop mega-hit. The lyrics are super catchy, and most of us probably know them by heart now. Not to forget that the video, which has more than 3 billion views on YouTube, is a must-see.


Chandelier by Sia

Up until the release of Chandelier, Sia was a moderately known singer from Australia with a couple of minor hits. This song brought her enormous mainstream success and solidified her reputation as one of the best pop artists of today. Chandelier is an uptempo song that features dark and gloomy lyrics. And who could forget that video starring Maddie Ziegler? It has been viewed 2.4 billion times on YouTube.


Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

Recorded by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk is a pure 80s throwback with an incredible beat and super fun lyrics. The song was released in 2014 and received praise from critics right away. It is impossible to put Uptown Funk within a single genre because it combines funk, disco, soul, and Minneapolis sound, popularized by Prince. We have to mention that the video for Uptown Funk has 4.4 billion streams and is in the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time.


Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Besides being number 1 Billboard’s Hot 100 song of all time, Blinding Light is perhaps the best song released in the last ten years. From flawless production to unforgettable 80s synths, this song pretty much has it all. The Weeknd brought us joy at the beginning of the pandemic through a Blinding Lights dance challenge on TikTok too. The video has more than 543 million streams on YouTube.


So we have reached the end of the list. We tried to include both popular hits and some retro-inspired songs that have a good beat to dance to. Hopefully, you’ll feel encouraged to move and try out new choreographies with some of these tunes. Have fun!

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