Best Headphones for Drummers with Buyers Guide


Drumming is one of the carriers like any other. While drumming, the atmosphere is usually noise and drummers are therefore advised to wear noise-canceling headphones to reduce the impact of the sound produced by the drum on their heath. The sound may be dangerous and may cause damage to the ears of the drummer too and to the extent of causing deafness. To avoid all this, it’s advisable to put on drumming headphones which include.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best headphones for drummers. Pros & Amateurs.

Roland RH-300

Roland RH-300 Stereo Headphones



This product has been made with a lot of expertise and care and has been widely known in the music industry. It’s mostly compatible with electronic drummers due to its smooth and accurate sound quality.

They have padded ear cushions and aluminum plate housing which makes them suitable to be worn for a long period of performance although quite heavy.


  • They have an OFC straight cable with conve which is 3.4 meters.
  • They can reproduce fast attack transient like those of v-drums.
  • They have an aluminum housing plate and ear pads with cushions for comfortable listening.
  • They have a 45-millimeter driver with a neodymium magnet that provides full dynamic range and stable output.
  • Has a sensitivity of 101 dB.
  • Weights 408 grams.


  • Maintains stable sound quality
  • Designed by an honorable manufacturer.
  • Best for electronic drummers


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • Low-quality sound output


Roland RH-300 headphone has an attractive design for the user where it has perfectly made earcups for assured comfortability. The control panel is contained in the ear cups hence simple to use. It can also be folded and put in a carrying case hence enhanced mobility. For those drummers who wish to have simple and affordable headphones, this is for you since they are a bit cheap.

TaoTronics TT-BH060

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones



This type of headphone has an exciting physical design which is most likely to attract many. Not only that, but they are also padded on both ear cups and the headband which ensures that the comfortability of the user is well catered to. They also have less weight to ensure that the drummer does not get tired.


  • They have Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure undisturbed and free wireless streaming.
  • They have a headband that can be adjusted to your size and also ear cups can be rotated. This offers a comfortable exposure while drumming using this type of earphone.
  • They have an in-built microphone that ensures clear and noise-free calls where the drummer can communicate with his directors effectively.
  • They have a hype speed charge in which you can charge each for a few minutes and it will offer you several working hours without going off.
  • They have a boosted captivating bass and HI-FI.


  • The noise cancellation works even if the headphones have been powered off as long as it’s active.
  • It comes along bundled with a semi-rigid protective carrying case hence it cannot break easily during transportation.
  • It has a great sound quality which can be used as a base to set its price.
  • It also offers not less than 30 hours of battery life hence power effective.
  • They have large deep ear cups and thick padding which enhances comfortability to the drummer.


  • They don’t come along with any app to assist in any audio adjustment.
  • The performance of active noise cancellation is relatively low.
  • Since people have different sizes, the fit may not match all.


The TT-BH060 has a wonderful battery life and a first charging capability. It also has a satisfying design for comfortability. Its also bundled with a carrying case which makes it travel-friendly since you can travel with it from one place to another freely. If you are a drummer and you are in a dilemma on which headphones to buy with good qualities at an affordable price, then TT-BH060 is the best choice.

Sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Foldable Headphones Plus Protective Travel Case



This type of headphone can do better at noise-canceling and its sound quality is considered optimal and satisfying. They have deep ear pads and a coiled cable which enhances comfortability and flexibility. They can also be folded and has a hard and durable travel case hence increased mobility.


  •  They have a sensitivity of 106Db.
  • They have a frequency response of 10-20000hz
  • They are a bit light hence increased comfortability.
  • They have a 40mm dynamics
  • They can be folded


  • They have a swiveling ear cups which increases comfortability.
  • They can be folded hence increased mobility.
  • Can be used indoors even after being used when drumming.


  • The comfortability reduces as time goes by hence not recommendable to be worn for hours.
  • It’s a bit expensive


Sony MDR-7506 headphones are among the competing product in the headphones industry due to their distinct feature and increased product value. If you are a drummer and want to distinguish yourself from others by the type of headphones you have, then this is your choice.

Utaxo Bluetooth Headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,Utaxo Bluetooth Headphones



First, these headphones do not allow the external noise to disrupt you, therefore, enabling you to enjoy a cool sound quality. They have solid batteries for power, they can be carried easily due to their lightweight which also offers the drummer a chance to wear it for hours without getting tired.


  • Few minutes of charging offers more than two hours of playback.
  • It offers hands-free calling and excellent connectivity and audibility.
  • It has 90-degree rotatable ear cups and a headband that can be adjusted to one’s size.
  • Packs in 40mm drivers that deliver thumping bass performance.
  • The Bluetooth technology offers a faster wireless connection hence making it compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Has comfortable protein cushion ear pads.
  • The sound quality produced by these headphones is relatively good.
  • All the buttons needed for wireless connectivity are provided by these headphones.
  • It only takes a few minutes for the headphones to get fully charged.


  • Every time you connect, it needs a re-pairing.
  • The metal headband can cause pain in the headphones takes too long before being removed from the head.


Just like any other type of headphones, the Utaxo headphones offer the comfortability of your choice though it has a lower brand value. The brand value rate should not be a factor to consider while purchasing this product since you may be surprised by the type of features it offers to you. For those drummers who have a smaller budget for the headphones of their, choice Utaxo is the best choice for you.


COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones



These types of headphones have a wireless range and a medium sound quality. They have a fairly comfortable design and an excellent battery that can serve for at least six hours. These headphones can multipurpose where not only drummers can use them but also anyone can use them to listen to music.


  • They can support modern digital assistants like google assistant.
  • They have an in-built advanced noise microphone which enables you to receive phone calls.
  • With this type of headphones, you can share movies, music, and even audio with your friends without using any cable.
  • They have twin beryllium dynamic custom-tuned 40mm drivers which produce balanced audio across the frequency range.


  • They have a satisfying comfortable design.
  • They have a solid wireless range.
  • Have a strong battery that can sustain power for up to 30 hours.
  • As opposed to other types of drummers headphones, it’s one of the lightest.
  • Has a variety of features as opposed to others.


  • The price depends on the design and builds quality.
  • Has a low audio quality
  • Has no capability to balance external sounds with fluctuating frequencies.


The Cowin E7 can serve as a multi-purpose headphone. They have a long-life battery and an excellent ability to block the surrounding noise hence making it a solid choice. It also has a wireless range and a cool audio quality.

Boltune ANC Headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones



As opposed to other types of headphones, Boltune has the simplest design. Its right ear cup has a button that holds all the necessary controls including volume adjustment and noise cancellation switch. It also holds the power button which one can use to pause the track. It has a sound output with high frequency and an equalized bass. These headphones can also be folded in such that you can carry them in a case easily.


  • Their battery can offer up to 30 hours of service with just a few minutes of charging.
  • It also comes along with Bluetooth 5.0 technology where one can connect it from other media freely.
  • Has a wireless range of up to 66 feet.
  • Has the ability to reduce noise even if there is no music playing.
  • They have an improved technology that is capable of canceling external noise within a second.
  • They have earmuffs that can rotate up to 90-degrees.


  • They have great comfortability and light in terms of weight.
  • Have a clear and simple microphone.
  • You can charge the headphones for a few minutes and serve you for more than 5 hours.
  • They have clear solid sound isolation from the ear cups.


  • Brings about confusion on the right button to press since all are contained on one ear cup.
  • Has the lower quality of mid sounds and treble


The Boltune headphones have a good and active noise cancellation, the battery life is also commendable. It also improvises the new technology where it has advanced wireless technology in the form of Bluetooth. To those drummers who are one point centered, these are the best headphones for you since the control of activities is housed at one point.

Mpow H5

Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones



Mpow H5 is a unique type of headphone where it comes along with a micro-USB charging cable, free 3.5mm audio cable soft pouch, and an instruction manual. They can be folded to a smaller size and put in a carrying case where one can travel with it from one point to another. It has a dual 40mm driver which provides intensive bass and high definition sound. It has a control panel with two volume buttons, a play button, and an active noise cancellation button.

Details and features

  • It has dual 40mm drivers and an advanced Bluetooth chip.
  • Has a USB port that can be used for charging.
  • Has an in-build hands-free calling for enhanced communication.
  • The headband is adjustable up to 90-degrees.
  • The headband material is of high quality since it has undergone Mpow’s in-house testing bending test several times.


  • Has a lightweight design that encourages drummers to use it all time long.
  • Has a simple control panel with fewer buttons.
  • The ability to adjust the headband offers great comfort and durability.
  • The active noise cancellation works effectively with this product.


  • Has an annoying sound when ANC is turned off
  • The ear cups are not adapted to all sizes hence challenges to those with small or bigger ears.


The Mpow h5 is easy to use. The battery life is fairly good and the active noise cancellation can’t be blamed. The product has a relative price compared to its features. For those drummers who like headphones with high bass and comfortability at a fair price, this product is for you.

Anker Soundcore life Q20

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones



This is one of the most comfortable active noise cancellation headphones for drummers. It has a simple design where the ear cups hold the control panel including the volume buttons and the power button. It has Bluetooth that enables the drummer to connect it with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It has a USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


  • It can offer up to 40 hours of continuous playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode.
  • The bass output is strengthened by bass-up technology.
  • Has the capability to reproduce music with up to 40kHz frequencies for clarity and improved details.
  • Has 40mm dynamic drivers which assist in giving out high-resolution audio.
  • It is capable of doing away with unnecessary up to 90% with the help of the integrated microphones in it.


  • Has an extraordinary battery that offers up to 60 hours of continuous playback
  • It has soft ear cups which enhances comfortability.
  • Few minutes of charging can lead you to more than five hours of listening.
  • Has an excellent sound performance.
  • Has an improved noise cancellation technology.
  • Has a high solid build quality.


  • You cannot charge and listen at the same time.
  • The ear cups are designed with thick cushions which may result in unnecessary warmth.
  • It’s a bit costly to purchase


If you want headphones with excellent active noise cancellation, then, Soundcore life Q20 is your type. Also, if you want extended comfort from the common headphones, this product is your choice. To those drummers who prefer more listening hours, this product is a great deal to you since it offers more listening hours without going off.

Bluedio T4

Bluedio T4 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling



The headphone has 57mm drivers which provide good sound experience. It has systematically adjusted the airflow and ventilation for effective bass distribution around your ears. It has a strong solid and durable build. The rotating ear cup offers more comfort. This headphone can also be folded hence increasing its portability


  • Has a rotating ear muff which increases comfortability.
  • It has a unique cavity design that reduces the interference from the surrounding frequencies.
  • It has a distinctly designed vent on the ear cups.
  • Has Packs in 57mm drivers that deliver a solid sound stage.
  • It can be folded to enhance portability from one location to another.


  • The buttons in the control panel are strategically positioned.
  • It charges using a USB cable.
  • It has a solid Bluetooth connection and a promising battery life.


  • Sound quality fades away when active noise cancellation is turned off.
  • The quality performance is not perfect.


The Bluedio T4 is a nice wireless active noise cancellation headphone which the drummers can use in their carriers and also used them when traveling or even at home. The build quality is very promising and offers high comfortability and this may attract most users of headphones. Good if you’re on a budget.

Paww WaveSound 3

Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling



This is a wireless active noise cancellation headphone designed with a lightweight for increased comfortability. They have large ear cups in which the controls are shared between them. It has a Bluetooth control and a 3.5mm jack and a microphone. The headbands are made with leather cushions where the earpiece is specified by having a thick cushion. The ANC in this product is capable of blocking up to 23dB of the external noise when on.


  • They have a pair of ultra-light protein ear pads and up to 90-degree rotating ear cups.
  • Has the capability to boost up to 34ms latency which the human ear cannot withstand.
  • Has a twin beryllium dynamic driver custom-tuned 40mm to provide an accurate and well-balanced output.
  • It can connect to more than one device at the same time and can invoke a digital assistant.
  • Has aptX Low Latency which helps in reproducing high-definition music wirelessly.


  • It’s very light and the body design makes it more comfortable.
  • The control panel is well-positioned.
  • Has a wide Bluetooth range of about 33 feet.
  • Offer the user the decision whether to uses it wirelessly or wired.
  • It’s very light and more comfortable.
  • Has a built-in microphone that enables you to pick phone calls.
  • Uses 5.0 Bluetooth technology for faster connectivity.


  • There is no low battery level indicator so it becomes a bit tricky to know when the battery level is low.
  • Since control buttons are located in one area. It’s therefore tricky to press the actual button you want to.
  • The battery offers a short time of usage, it does not store power for a long period.


The interesting part with these headphones is that you can use the headphones with wire or not, so the decision there is upon you. It’s designed such that ist very promising in the future and for those drummers who are risk-averse, these are the best headphones for you.

Buyers guide for the best headphones for drummers

If you are a drummer and you are there bothered about the best headphones to buy and the features to consider before having a purchase, you need not worry anymore, here is the best guide you should follow before making any attempt to buy drumming headphones and the things you should consider.

Battery life

Battery life should be the number one factor to consider before buying any headphones. Good headphones should have a favorable battery life of 4-6 hours when used continuously. Headphones with a low battery life will be tricky to buy since they will bring some stress to you now and then you have to charge it and you will not be able to enjoy the overall benefit. So if you are buying a headphone make sure that you are cautious of its battery life.

The fit

The design of the headphones is also very important to check. Some headphones are designed such that they only cater to the medium user without considering those with big and small ears. You should purchase headphones that are adjustable to your size. The headphones should cater to you whether you have small or big ears through adjustment. Also, fitting headphones are better to ensure maximum noise is kept out of your eardrum.

Calling Feature

Generally, the ANC headphones are designed to listen to music and keep away any external noise that may disrupt your listening. Also, to drummers, headphone assists them in keeping away the external noise during their performance. However, recently, these headphones are made with a built-in microphone which enables the user to pick a call. While you are drumming, your instructor may need to communicate with you and this microphone becomes very important because the instructor will not need to come to you physically but may call you where you will pick the call with the microphone and do the communication. It’s therefore advisable to make sure that the headphones you are buying as a drummer have a simple microphone for this purpose.

The sound quality

This is another factor as a buyer you should consider. Make sure that the headphones you are buying have a balanced input sound. Make sure that the bass is of high quality and the treble is balanced. Our ears are very important and you should not buy any headphone which its sound output is not customized.


The cost price of the headphones you want to purchase is also very important. You should choose the type of headphones that meets your budget. For the best headphones to a drummer at a cheap price, you should go for the one that does not go beyond $10 of which from the amazon official website there are several of them.


Well if you have, came, this far we’re pretty sure you still haven’t made your decision. The list above is your little helper. Any of the listed headphones above you are great for your specific purpose. The list is not chronological. Pick the one that fits your style and definitely check the features. All that aside we would still suggest picking Roland RH-300 they are number one on our list for a reason. They just got it all. If they are not really your style we could also suggest – Sony MDR-7506, they are very professional, the other ones would be semi-pro or budget headphones, but with these two you won’t go wrong.

We hope this was helpful to you and let us know in the comments below which ones did you pick. Have a good one.

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