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best free music apps

9 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iOS

There was a time when Mp3 download sites thrived owing to the large user base who didn’t mind sacrificing their phone/computer storage space and seemed to have no issues with music piracy either. With the advent of...

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review (1)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review 

Buds pro are Samsung’s best foot forward in the TWS market With 4 different sets of earbuds launched in less than 2 years of time, Samsung has been on a roll in the TWS arena. One of the products from this assembly line...

best samsung earbuds top list

Best Samsung Earbuds 2021  (Review & FAQs)

If there was a race of earbuds ever, the two front-running horses would be without a doubt – Apple and Samsung. Both have intrigued and enticed the audiophiles in equal measures and have their loyal fanbase. In the...


The world of home audio has undergone many transitions. From amplifiers, receivers to speakers, and streaming capabilities – the traditional home theatres are getting better and better with each passing day to suit the...

top speakers docks

10 Best Speaker Docks

It all started with an iconic speaker dock solution for iPod and later iPhone. Apple, like many of its landmark products, made waves with this offering. Fast forward to 2021, and we have an equal mix of leading brands...

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